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 We believe that Indian startups backed by quality entrepreneurs have the power to create valuable businesses that compete on a global scale. That is why we set out to create ITI Growth Opportunities VCF 1. With a mission statement to identify and invest early in world-class founders attacking both Indian & Global markets; solving real problems using technology.


We invest in early-stage companies, preferably as first institutional investors.


We strongly believe in our investments and actively participate in follow-on investments.


We invest in passionate entrepreneurs and futuristic ideas.


Companies with a clear differentiation and capital efficient business models excite us!


We provide not only financial resources but also strategic guidance at every step of the journey.


Founders are family and have access to our entire ecosystem under ITI.


We participate in pre-seed and seed rounds with a ticket size ranging between USD 100K and 600K




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Incorporated in 1991, The Investment Trust of India Limited is one of the largest Financial Services conglomerate offering a range of products and services from Lending, Equities and Derivatives trading, Equity Research, Commodities Trading, Portfolio Management Services, Distribution of Mutual Funds, IPO & Insurance products and Investment Banking Services.


Mohit Gulati

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With over 10 years of experience in the Investment & Fund Management space, Mohit has led first round deals across ECOM Express,, LocalBanya, TarusaWorld, WigzoTech, HumourMe and over a dozen early stage ventures. 


Snehal Khemani

Investing Team

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Extensive experience in deal making and scaling early to mid-stage companies across a wide sector spectrum. 


Vishwa Shah

Investing Team

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A top-performer throughout her academic lifespan. She firmly believes that technology is the future of progress.


Nandini Paradkar

Fund Accounting

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An experienced Business Analyst with over 11 years across domains’ like Depository Functions, Stock Exchange Operations and various other areas under Capital Markets. 



REVOS is an OS for new age 2 and 3 wheelers, powering vehicles with artificial intelligence (AI) enabled internet of things (IoT) solution to enable them to use vehicle control, analysis and visualisation. They offer a modular and customisable tracking and control system that integrates easily into vehicles to make them smart and connected.


Hubhopper is one of India's largest podcast directory and short-form content aggregation platform for new-age internet users, who are always on the lookout for “bite-sized” information summaries. With a large repository of podcasts and content from top publishers, Hubhopper brings the latest news and ad-free content all in one simple, beautiful app.


Invento Robotics is behind one of the most widely covered robots, Mitra Robot. It can navigate autonomously and interact with humans, and has shared stage with the likes of Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump.  


Seeing dearth of tasty and affordable healthy snacking options in the Indian market, Evolve Snacks aims to address India's hunger between meals with something healthy, substantial and delicious. The company has a wide range of offering with its focus products as vacuum fried and baked vegetable and fruit based snacks which have no added preservatives


Loaded down with protein, fibre and essential vitamins, Brekkie is a healthy low-sugar breakfast shake that energises, nourishes and replenishes the body of an everyday urban consumer. With a mission to address the nutrition imbalance in our diet, Brekkie aims to combat this with its smart & innovative offerings.


With a mission to combat life threatening events outside the ICU, Ten3T has developed Cicer which is a sophisticated, real-time monitoring device that patients place on their chest. This 'smart patch' monitors 6 lead ECG, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature along with other wearables for O2 saturation and Blood Pressure.

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Vicara is an Immersive Technology platform and solution, which enables us to interact and communicate with machines and objects around us through the means of gestures.


Wagonfly is a single stop, cashless, queue less solution for brick and mortar stores - bringing online checkout experience in offline stores.

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The new-age Indian consumer has evolved and wants to experiment

FMCG’s next leg belongs to the smart and sharp entrepreneurs who can develop and innovate great new products targeted to the current generation

Early-stage investor Mohit Gulati is ready for a new innings..

Learnings and failures aren’t restricted only to entrepreneurs. Early-stage investor Mohit Gulati talks to YourStory on his new fund ITI GO and his learnings. 

ITI Growth Opportunities Leads Seed Round In EV Startup REVOS

Mumbai-based early-stage investment firm ITI Growth Opportunities Fund has led a seed round investment in  smart mobility startup REVOS.

ITI group's debut venture capital fund marks first close

The ITI Growth Opportunities Venture Fund hit the first close at Rs 30 crore with the entire amount coming as sponsor commitment from ITI Group

Why Ola is in ITI Growth Opportunities’ anti-portfolio

That Ola’s valuation trebled in a matter of two weeks didn’t make sound investment logic for ITI Growth Opportunities, says Mohit Gulati

Medical wearable startup ten3T raises pre-Series A

Bengaluru-based healthtech startup ten3T raised pre Series A round on Monday.The funding round was led by ITI Growth Opportunities Fund..


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